The Aquarian Women's Retreat


We will be diving deep together over these 3 days and you will learn what it means to be an Aquarian Woman living at this time. We will gather together in circle and recharge, reboot, uplift one another, share joys and struggles, and connect with the elements of nature and the cyclic nature of the divine feminine. We will awaken and celebrate the Shakti energy together. We will tap into and support our dignity, strength and sacredness.

This will be a deep spiritual practice for you like no other, you will perform sacred ceremony and ritual with other like-minded empowered women.

You will walk away from this retreat feeling deeply connected and having found a renewed sense of intimacy with yourself. You will experience many breakthroughs and these breakthroughs will continue long after the retreat. Expect many miracles and a renewed sense of creativity!

Yogi Bhajan said that in the Aquarian age, our focus is “Be to be” rather than “Do” which is more male and so this is exactly what we will be focusing on during these two days together. 


Thank you Corona Brady from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing experience for my mind, body and soul that every woman should experience at least once. Feel very blessed to be in the circle. Now relaxed, stronger, and full of gratitude and love.

Sally Sydney

​​​​It's very hard to put into words but it was like all the rubbish built up and stuck in my body from 44 years of living had been cleaned up.I felt like l had space to breath and a heart that was free to be re-filled. It was an overwhelming sense of peace. 

I urge anyone even considering attending one of Corona's retreats, just do it, it will change your life. On returning home my husband and children even noticed a positive change-which was also amazing!


Marnie Wallis Canberra

Corona’s retreat was so much more than I expected. From the moment you arrived you were greeted with an open heart & truly nurtured.

The Kundalini practices left me feeling at peace & at one with myself. The food was amazing. It was like this retreat made with love.

Today leaving I feel like a different person to the one that arrived and I leave with a smile, an open heart and a love for life..

Adele Taylor - Sydney

Being a virtual follower of Corona’s for some time, I knew she was a special lady, but it wasn’t until finally being able to meet at her live event in Brisbane did I get to truly appreciate her gift. Her passion for wellness really shows across her teaching skills,the format of her live event and in her topics of discussion.

 She was respectful of everyone’s level of fitness, comfort, mental and emotional standings and really created a safe and sacred space for us to just be. I left feeling confident, strong, inspired and most of all, knowing I had undertaken huge energy shifts to take me forward. So much gratitude for you Corona.

Claire Thomas - Brisbane


Corona’s Retreat cleared space out in my head to allow new ideas and thoughts. It most definitely met my expectations. It was unreal. I gained a renewed sense that I am courageous, brave and strong. I really enjoyed spending time with new people. Thank you Corona.

Lynette Gallagher Sydney

You Will Walk Away Feeling:

  • Clearer and more focused.
  • Energised and excited for new year ahead 2019.
  • Rejuvenated and relaxed. 
  • Lighter and radiant - the twinkle will be back in your eyes and the radiance will be noticeable in your cheeks.
  • Feeling empowered and abundant.
  • Awakened.
  • Joyful and reconnected.
  • A renewed sense of intimacy.


Corona, you have been amazing and I will cherish this time spent learning from you for a long time....Thanks so much and I hope we cross paths again one day.

Beck McLwain Sydney

The retreat will be tailored for each and every woman by Corona so that you receive the very most out of your experience possible.

Each woman will receive a special gift bag upon arrival, all your meals of delicious nourishing cleansing vegetarian produce (sugar free, gluten free and daily free) will be provided by our beautiful well as a few other little surprises!!

There are limited spaces available, so to reserve your space, please don't delay in booking in (we have just 10 spaces in total which we expect to go fast and I don't want you to miss out!).


I was very fortunate to be apart of Corona's Opening To Grace Retreat. It is the most powerful, uplifting experience I have ever encountered. I highly recommended this to every woman, it is just magical. Corona Brady I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do and I will be forever grateful.

Maree Donaldson Tasmania