Transmuting Jealousy Within The Divine Feminine…….


Can you feel it?

Women are waking up.

But men are waking up too.

Men are becoming more curious.

This is the time.

There’s something very special happening with the collective woman right now.

Jealousy and competition is something we get as women.

When we’re not feeling good about ourselves, we’ll question everything about ourselves and we may feel threatened by the energy of another woman. It may be around age, beauty, love etc.

Competition and jealousy really just comes down to validation and recognition.

All the feminine wants is to be adorned, to be seen and to be loved.

In order to come into the true being who walks in her awakened soul, we need to move beyond it and transmute and transform this energy.

We can turn fear into power.

In reality competition does not exist. In the illusion everything is competition.

Whenever we have jealousy and competition, we have all these other emotions of judgement, resentment, shame, rage and even hatred.

Many of us carry deeply spiritual wounds.

Today I wanted to share some simple ways you can start to heal this jealousy and competition when it arises.

How to heal jealousy and competition:

  1. It’s really good to see it. “I am feeling jealous right now……”, “I am feeling competitive right now….”
  2. Then sit with it and really watch it. Close your eyes and yes sit with it completely. Be still and really watch it and where it takes you.
  3. Don’t just ignore it. Don’t repress it and push it to the side.
  4. When you can follow it in this way, you’ll get to the reason. The root and the seed. Perhaps you find “I’m not good enough…” (this is just an example).
  5. This is just the shadow. If you follow the shadow backwards, you’ll always find the light. You can sit with it and let yourself breathe into it. This is how you can transmute it.

I’ve been personally using these steps on my path and it’s greatly helping me make peace with this part of myself that needs healing.

Can you relate to the above? Have you been feeling jealous and competitive of late? Share with me below in the comments.

Love and Light, Corona Xx

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