Like anything in life, the best way for us to get better at anything as well as deepen our capacity to GROW is to PRACTICE.


So how can you do this with speaking your truth?



It’s about speaking up as well as stepping up into YOUR truth. Will you make mistakes? Yes of course, you are human after all. Will you say the wrong things sometimes? Yes of course, especially in the beginning when you’re learning.


Will people get upset, insulted or defensive at times? Absolutely they will! This is all part of the process.


Try to remember that this is not about being PERFECT, it is about being YOURSELF and speaking authentically from your heart.


You will need to have empathy and compassion with yourself in the beginning as you practice—which is not easy for many of us.


You’ll find that certain areas of life (or with certain people – some just tend to push your buttons more than others), where speaking up can be unbelievably terrifying and challenging for us.


Even if you find your voice quivering, legs shaking, your hands getting sweaty and your heart starting to race (by the way these are signs that you are getting honest and being vulnerable) – remember to bring it back to the breath. Take a deep breath down into your belly and dig deep down for your warrior strength that’s within you + be ready to speak UP with your truth.


When you START to do this, you will literally watch your relationships and life transform on every level.


Wishing you a happy Tuesday,


Love and Light

Corona x


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