Do you feel lost – no passion, no purpose, and no idea how to fix it?


Are you stressed-out, struggling, and seriously wondering whether this is all there is?


Does life seem like it’s all about soldiering on, sucking it up, and trying to ignore that persistent feeling that something in your life is seriously missing…


Do you feel adrift, with a head full of anxiety and a body that’s betraying you? Are you feeling stuck, strained and completely powerless to create change?


But here’s the big truth: Life doesn’t need to feel this wayYou don’t need to feel this way. A joyful, loved-up, blissed-out life is absolutely possible. In fact, it’s yours for the taking.



You’re finally willing and ready to be who you really are. To live a deeply connected, soulful and fulfilling life. To shine so-damn-brightly, like you always knew you could. Am I right?



Perhaps you’re looking to:

// Make peace with the voice in your head.


// Learn seriously effective tools to unlock your fears, release your blocks and stop playing small.


// Learn the spiritual truth about manifesting your best life (and a fool-proof plan to figure out what you want in the first place!)


// Understand the secret to setting goals, creating your vision and taking inspired action (Hint: it’s all about soul!)


This is an online program with a difference.


It’s about delving deep into the real reasons why there’s something missing in your life. It’s about turning to the innermost corners of your being to guide the course of your outer life. It’s about helping you find your light and giving you permission to beam it out into the world.


Think self-discovery, electric insights, trusty tools … and the love-laden strategies to put it all into action.



Kicking off on September 1st, we’ll go on a 12 week, 3-phase journey to creating your soulful life – body, mind and deep, deep soul. Each week, there’ll be videos, worksheets, handouts and mp3s. There’s a specially designed yoga video and a beautiful guided meditation to support each unit of work. There’ll also be a live call every fortnight, where all your burning questions will be answered.


All the resources will be delivered direct to your inbox each week, so you can go at your own pace and fit it around your busy schedule.


Going soul-deep is the key to creating lasting change. It’s the secret to living a life that actually feels good. And it’s the answer you’ve been searching for…


That’s how the Creating a Soulful Life program came about – to help beautiful, amazing women live the beautiful, amazing lives that they dream of. That they deserve.


Hop on over to the Creating A Soulful Life website


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PLEASE NOTE: I have a very special offer for those that jump in first (which I’ll be announcing closer to the time), so when doors open don’t delay, beautiful! Doors will only be open for 10 days!



I’m so beyond excited to take this deep soulful journey with you.







I’m giving you the chance to WIN a spot on Creating A Soulful Life so you can share this beautiful journey with me.


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Best of luck!


Love and Light,

Corona xx

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