What I Learned When Caught In Crazy Storms On Route To Delhi……



I’m back from the most incredible 2 weeks in Rishikesh.


Although, I’m feeling incredibly lucky to be alive!


I think I witnessed the most scariest car ride of my entire life ever. I decided to catch a night taxi back to Delhi (to fly home to Sydney) so that I could catch the first day of the International Yoga Festival.


It had been raining all day in Rishikesh, when it rains there boy does it rain! My taxi arrives finally (late) and we start the journey back to Delhi to catch my early morning flight. The storms were crazy on route, there was floods on all the roads and thunder and lightning like I’ve never witnessed before. Horns continuously beeping every second (if you’ve been to india, you’ll understand what I mean by the horn beeping). Next thing we’re stuck in crazy traffic, our car was pulled to a haul as a bridge ahead had collapsed!



So my driver decides to take another route, which added another 200km onto our journey in torrential rain! A route with tiny narrow roads and so many potholes. Let’s just say it was the bumpiest ride ever! My stomach was so nauseous.


At this stage, it was looking very unlikely that I was going to make my flight. Then we turned on to a motorway which looked like we were heading in the direction of Delhi and I regained hope. Next thing we get a flat tire. I thought to myself ‘could anything else possibly go wrong“. I watched my driver try to fix the tire for nearly 2 hours with no luck.


Panic, fear, dis-trust and doubt in the divine set in. I was literally freaking out. On top of that I had no bank card (I had lost it in Rishikesh) and had just enough funds to pay for my taxi. All kinds of thoughts were uncontrollably jumping through my head. I had visions of me stranded in Delhi airport after missing my flight, with no money and no food and no way to contact anybody.



I had forgotten one thing. I had forgotten to ask for a miracle, to ask for support. I had focused so much on the fear and negativity instead of choosing love.



I had chanted the protection mantra (a mantra in kundalini yoga we tune in with for protection) a couple of times throughout the trip and it had kept me safe. So there and then, I closed my eyes and I prayed and I asked for a miracle and low and behold a miracle happened. A miracle is a shift in perspective – from crazy nightmare thoughts of fear and negativity, to thoughts of love. Our perceptions of life will be our experiences of life.



Out of nowhere another taxi pulled up, threw my bag into the booth and advised that he was now taking me to Delhi Airport. The rain was still bucketing down. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a car travelling so fast. This guy was doing 120-140km per hour. Again, I closed my eyes I chanted the protection mantra silently to myself and I prayed and asked for a miracle. Forty minutes later we pulled up at Delhi Airport and I just about made my flight!



I had let my ego take over.

I had lost trust in the divine, I was riddled in fear and forgot to ask for support and in a miracle. We are always always divinely supported. We just have to simply ask for support. I also witnessed the power of the protection mantra and I know it played a huge part in keeping me safe throughout the ten hours of travel!



Why am I sharing this with you today?

I share to show you that there are lessons everywhere for each and everyone of us. We have this beautiful opportunity always in every moment to witness and take the learnings from them. There are no mistakes ever, always lessons.



I’ve also got a fresh new blog post over on the blog providing you with some tips for witnessing your fear. Check it out HERE. It’s a good one!



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Sending you lots of love,


Corona xx



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