Here are just some of the many things I am feeling so very grateful for right now in my life…life is pretty amazing when you start opening your eyes to all the beauty around you + be grateful for everything you currently have!



I have 3 amazing sisters (and 1 amazing brother) + was very lucky to have the pleasure of my beautiful sister Mairead in Sydney for the past two weeks. I was excited to say the least, this was her first trip here, but  I was also a little nervous as my life had considerably changed to when we last saw each other. I’ve been on the spiritual path for a couple of years now but have always hidden it from family for reasons of fear, I was afraid of her judging me and there was a fear of losing her. I was pleasantly surprised of her acceptance of my path and her openness to it.

I had Mairead in my very first yoga class at The Living Room on Friday and I can’t even explain the happiness it was to share this with her. As I put everyone into Shavasana that day, my whole being was beaming full of gratitude. I even had a small tear of happiness in that very moment. Here is a picture of us together recently at my hen in Sydney. I love her dearly!



I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible my boy is. We’ve been together 11 years gone in November. You could say we’ve already gone through a couple of marriages the length of time we’ve been together! I met Dave when I was 19 + we hooked up when I was 20. I knew from the moment I set eyes upon him, that he was the one. We had a honeymoon period which lasted a couple of years! We’ve traveled the world together, we’ve moved over seas together, we’ve gone through our 20’s together, we’ve moved house 7 times together + we’re still together!! I’m not going to lie and say things have always been rosy because they haven’t, but we’ve got through everything + we’re as solid as a rock. This is the man I will marry back home in Ireland next month in a beautiful castle with dear family + friends. He is my teacher in so many ways, he has taught me so much about myself and still is. He has the biggest heart , brightest bluest eyes + a smile that makes my heart melt in seconds! Take a look at our wedding invite which captures our relationship from start until present!

Here is a very happy moment for us over the festive period! I love him to the moon and back!




I never imagined how much happiness one cute little puppy could bring. I started working from home last year with the creation of NurturePod and I found my days quite lonely. We wanted a puppy for as long as I can imagine. Dave thought it would be the perfect companion for me during the day + boy was he right! We purchased Tiger in October and then we became three! This little guy is opening my heart with each new day. I think he seriously is an angel in disguise! When I’m sad, lonely, stressed he’s there to provide lots of love + cuddles. Here is a recent picture of him in our local park.




I’m super excited for this next weekend. It’s basically a mix of everything I am passionate about + love all together in one amazing weekend in the country side! Watch this amazing video and this one and get super excited with me! I’m actually getting shivers through my spine with sheer excitement as I write this. This will be a transformational weekend of yoga, dance, tantra + music featuring local and international yogis and musicians who will enliven my spirit and move my soul.


What’s making your heart sing lately?


So much Love, Blessings, Light + Happiness to you,


Corona Xx

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