It had been a hectic October. After successfully launching and running my first online coaching programme for women co-created with the lovely Kirri White, my soul was crying out for some much needed time out in nature without the distractions of social media.


I decided to celebrate the success of our coaching programme Nourished by taking myself off to a spiritual retreat Brahma Kumaris in the blue mountains. I decided to take this trip alone for the simple fact that I love my own company and crave it! It’s a non-negotiable! The whole weekend was just simply divine and sacred and just what my tired body needed. I finally gave myself permission to be still, reflect and heal. It took this break away for me to realise just how fatigued my poor body was and how much I’d been vigorously pushing myself. October was intense and when I look back at the month, I hardly lifted my head up to breathe.


So an escape to the mountains was just what I needed. We forget how busy our lives are and how much busier they are becoming. It seems we are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming and endless amount of data being thrown our way. All the devices we use on a daily basis from; mobile, iPad, iPod and then there’s all the social media of email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It’s non stop. Its affecting our vital energy, simply draining our life force (prana) from us.


On Saturday we had some free time; 4 hours in the day that was all ours to do as we please. I’m normally not the nap kind of person but this day was calling for a nap. I passed out for the 4 hours – a sure sign of pure exhaustion.


This beautiful retreat centre is run by Buddhists and has the most divine peaceful energy I have ever experienced. Sally the manager, a little old lady you would easily mistake for an angel was the perfect host with her serene and graceful manor. They run retreats throughout the year and I know for sure that I’ll be back again in the not too distant future!

Lessons learned


+ I spend far too much time on social media. That I get lost on what others are doing constantly comparing myself and that it simply is not serving me anymore. This one week break was simply a wake up call for me. It’s amazing how much free time I seemed to have in my days, time seemed to pass slowly rather than swiftly (this is no word of a lie). Its been insightful to see how many books I’ve managed to read in this week (which have been on my to read list for far too long).


+ I spend too much time looking outside of myself for happiness. This week out enjoying my own company I’ve come to realise that true happiness comes from within.


+ That social media is simply draining, energy zapping – sucks the life force from you. So I’ve decided to set some boundaries around social media times. I’ve decided to keep facebook and twitter applications off my phone and I’ll be using Focus Filter to eliminate distractions blocking access to social media and other distracting websites while I’m working.  I’m planning to only log on to Facebook twice/three times daily to do my updates, instead of having it opened most of the day (which I’ve done in the past).


+ With October being so busy, unfortunately some of my self-care practices went out the window. This little break has allowed me to introduce everything gradually over the week. I’m happy out now as I’m back into my routine again. A nice gentle reminder of the importance of routine in my life!


+ The importance of being and connecting in nature. I’ve been spending this week getting out in nature as often as I can; lying in the grass, swimming in the ocean, walking barefoot, meditating by Bronte waterfall,
smelling flowers, picking shells etc. I’ve been focusing and tuning inwards and connecting with spirit and my guides.


By taking this small break its allowed me to take back ownership of my happiness. Studies have shown social media has a negative impact on our general happiness as well as our self-esteem. I’d been fretting too many times over the number of “likes” on a photo or post I’d shared to my page – meaning I’d been giving others – power over me. That power belongs to me.


+ I’ve realised how much I love to learn and then share. The sharing part is what I’ve been missing all week being off social media. I missed you guys!


+ That I’ve so much time in each day and I’ve not been using it wisely. This is where I’ll be stepping up!


+ That I can take time out from my business and that everything won’t fall apart.


+ That rest, even from the things we enjoy is good and healthy for us.


+ That social media does not have to be the enemy, but when I let it take over my heart that engagement can be sinful.


We live in such a fast society and it’s easy to get caught up in the world we’ve created through social media.

Maybe it’s time to step away and gain some perspective.

So my challenge to you is to take a break, even if its just for a day. You can thank me later!


Yours, in love and light.

Be kind, be courageous, be yourself.

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