What will happen if you give up?


What Will Happen If You Give Up


Often as we move towards the end of another year, this is when many of us start to freak out!


We start to question ourselves.


Did I create all that I desired to create this year?


Am I going to be in the same place again this time next year?


What’s my map and plan for 2016?


Did I show up authentically, did I allow myself to shine this year?


Did I step into my full radiance and focus on living fearlessly?


What way’s have I been playing small?


What excuses have I been telling myself, of what’s not possible in my life?



You know I read a quote the other day, which I want to share with you today.


“Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75.”



That’s a very scary sad truth!


I sure as hell died when I was 25, infact I spent most of my 20’s half-dead. It was an illness that woke me up when I was 27! And this is when my inner quest began and this is also when I believe I was reborn again.


I see way too many women unhappy.



They’re miserable in their jobs.



They’re miserble in their relationships.



They’re miserable in their life full stop!


But, what are they doing about it? Nothing! They are just hoping that something will magically change for them! This is how I spent most of my 20’s, I was waiting for something to magically change for me!


Nothing changed, until I got really honest with myself and I started to do the work on myself.


So as we approach the end of another year, with less than 7 weeks to go! I invite you to honestly reflect and ponder on these questions:



Have you given up on life?


What will happen if you do give up on life?


Have you given up on your dreams?


What will happen if you give up on your dreams completely?


How will you feel if you walk away, from this aching feeling in your heart that’s calling out for more?


How will you feel if you don’t?


How will it feel for you to fully step into your radiance in 2016?



Instead of giving up, what if you decided to do things differently this time? What if you chose to be different – to be the persistant one?


What if you chose to not give up on life?


What if you chose to not give up on yourself?


What if you chose not to give up on your dreams?


The thing is life fully supports us, when we fully support life! Becuase the truth is, that life is always supporting us.


Maybe it’s our mindset we need to change. Maybe it’s our limiting beliefs and what we believe isn’t possible for us, that we finally need to let go of.


With a shift in mindset, who knows where you could be – what you could be creating, enjoying, celebrating, appreciating – one, three, five and even ten years from now, if you can just find the courage, strength and power within to keep going?


At the end of the day, the decision is always yours.


You can give up.


You can pack it all in.


You can quit. You can shout out, ‘I’ve had enough’.


Or, you can chose that you do matter and that your dreams matter and that you’re worthy of them.

You can decide, to follow your hearts calling – the longing, the ache to make a difference in your own unique way. It’s worth a little more patience, effort and inner work.


You can decide that you’re story isn’t finished yet. That it’s far from finished.


You so matter.


You are worthy of so much.


Your life matters.


Your dreams matter.


Please keep going.


Are you feeling stuck or lost right now? Want some support?


This is where I can help as a coach and mentor. By the way you can be located anywhere in the world to work with me. Yes I’m based in Sydney, Australia but I see clients from all over the globe in Ireland, Uk, America, New Zealand, many parts of Europe and even Dubai! If you’re ready and serious to do the inner work, schedule your complimentary chat with me here.

I bring so so much into my work with my clients, it’s more than life coaching. I blend coaching, mind-detox method (for clearing limiting beliefs & fears), NLP, Kundalini Yoga, Powerful Kundalini Meditations, Energy Work plus so much more. It’s pretty unique and one of a kind with all I’ve studied to date (which is a lot and you can read about here) along with my own life experiences.

So whether you’re being challenged in your relationships, marriage, career, creativity, divine feminine, health, wellness, business, money/prosperity – I can help! It’s my absolute passion and purpose to support and to be of service to womankind.

Sending you love and light,

Corona x

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