When did I stray so far from my true self?


When did I lose my way? When did I stray so far from my true self? And how did I end up here?


These were the questions I was often plagued with (not so long ago).

I thought I was living in alignment.

I thought I was connected to my truth.

I made myself believe I was happy.

From the outside, it was a picture perfect. I had a high paying corporate job which enabled me to have quite the lavish lifestyle.

I was always going to the trendiest bars and clubs, I had a wardrobe packed with fancy and expensive clothes, I had a bustling social life, and I spent every weekend partying as hard as I could.

The truth of the matter was…

Inside I was dying a slow death. I was falling apart.

My health was an absolute mess (think hormone issues, adrenal exhaustion, constant fatigue, liver damage, the works). But funnily enough, that wasn’t the main reason why I felt so awful / crap.

The real reason was that I was completely neglecting those innate parts of myself that were crying out for love and light – my spirit, my soul, my true authentic self.

On some level, I sensed the disconnect; I knew something was wrong. But in true ostrich-in-the-sand style, I just worked harder to distract myself – I continued to climb a corporate ladder I didn’t care about, to chase goals that didn’t really mean anything to me, to overcommit myself because I couldn’t say no, to hang around with toxic people because I didn’t think I deserved better, and to generally just live life at cross-purposes with my truth.

My health crisis was the catalyst that started my path to recovery.

But it was only when I addressed my soul crisis that things really started to turn around.

The ensuing years saw me dive headfirst into as many different healing and learning opportunities as I could – yoga, nutrition, meditation, holistic health, ancient wisdom, energy healing, kinesiology, Ayurvedic medicine, all of it. Kundalini yoga in particular sparked the most massive shift in self-realisation I’d ever experienced.

And as I slowly came back to myself, I knew that I needed to share these amazing tools and insights with others.

That’s why I initially became qualified as a teacher, mentor and healer—to help people make the same transition I had.

And it’s why I’ve now created my new game-changing program ‘Creating An Authentic You’:


Because I know the incredible difference it makes when you return to your truth and start living as your authentic self.


I’ve lived through every inch of the journey—from depression and despair, through to beauty, peace and bliss.

My life now is beyond my wildest dreams. I spend my days living on purpose, working in my zone of genius, exploring my passions, listening to my body’s needs, setting sacred boundaries, honouring my inner desires, surrendering to the Universe, and acting in my own best interests.

It’s a mind-blowingly, heart-thumpingly amazing way to live.

And I want to help you experience it for yourself…


 You are the most important person in your world. So why are you hiding from yourself?
It’s time to uncover your authentic truth…


What this course is…

A 6-week deep dive into the soul-stirring truth of who you really are, kicking off on March 15 2015.

The course is delivered via a range of multimedia resources – written guides, workbooks, videos, audios, guided meditations, custom-designed Kundalini sessions (because as I’ve mentioned above, it was the catalyst in my awakening) – PLUS weekly live group coaching calls with me, where you’ll be able to ask all your burning questions and learn in a supportive environment.

On top of all that, there’s also a private, members-only Facebook community, where you can share your experiences and connect with other likeminded souls (because let’s face it – when you’re embarking on a spiritual path like this one, having others along for the ride is invaluable).

Everything is designed to facilitate your journey from disconnection to alignment, and to set you up for a lifetime of sustainable, soul-deep authenticity. You can clickety click on over this way to check out the full details of the program.


Here’s what’s included :

lotus 6 X Module books
lotus 6 X Video masterclasses (plus the mp3 audios of each class, for those of you who like to listen on the go)
lotus 6 X Workbooks—including game-changing exercises, activities, tips and tools
lotus 6 X Kundalini Yoga Videos specially designed to support the focal point of each module (suitable for all levels)
lotus 6 X Live group coaching calls with me, where I answer all your questions and offer specific guidance on each module (PLUS a recording of the call for you to download and keep)
lotus 6 X Mp3 guided meditations to support each module and awaken your inner authenticity
lotus BONUS Kundalini transformative meditations to awaken and support your inner authenticity
lotus Lifetime access to our private Facebook community, so that you can connect with others and share the experience


And, of course, you’ll also get an answer to the most important question your soul has ever asked: Who am I? Why am I? And how can I honour my truth?


…Plus much, much more!


I currently have an Early Bird Offer which gives you all of these powerful tools, routines, rituals and insights for just $325. The Early Bird Offer ends Sat 21st Feb, when full price of $375 applies.


I want you to ask yourself this question:


Is there a truth pulsing through your veins that cannot be ignored any longer?


It’s time to get real. To honour your essence. To set yourself free.

If you’ve been feeling the pull—to peel back the layers, to dive deeper, and to return home to your true self, this course is for you, and the time to act is now.

It’s time to STOP postponing your happiness and start finally living a life that reflects your wholehearted, authentic truth.




Are you ready to step up?

I’ve created this program to serve as the powerful, soul-stirring start to an incredible, lifelong journey.

If you are ready to go soul deep, step up and connect to the truth that’s pulsing through your veins which can no longer be ignored. Then I’d be absolutely honoured to share this incredible journey with you.


This eCourse is all about giving you the practical tools and insights you need to make profound change. It’s about making the sacred and the soulful truly accessible – and actionable.


So if you’re ready to let go of all the things that are holding you back and experience an authentic, love-fuelled life for yourself, step right this way.


I am so thrilled to be sharing this with you, dear sister, because you deserve to feel good in your own skin, you deserve to be fully awakened to your true potential, and you deserve to have a life you truly love.


Your authentic life starts here…​

Love and Light,

​Corona xx


P.S. If you sign up before Sunday 22nd Feb you can get access to the entire course (including all the awesome resources, kundalini yoga vids, guided meditations, and the soul-centred community) for a once-off early bird price of $325. Don’t miss out!


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