I’ve been delving into and understanding this concept of late.


I think this quote by Yogi Bhajan sums up our suffering really well.


You are not born to suffer. Suffering comes when your mind does not move.
Yogi Bhajan 9/28/2002


I believe a lot of our suffering is caused by our fears. I certainly know that mine are!


We are born pure love. Then we learn fear. I do also believe on some level that we bring fears with us from previous lives that we need to work on in this lifetime.


Right from the time we gain our senses we learn fear.

Perhaps in our childhood we fear our parents.

We fear losing them.

Maybe we watched our parents in certain situations panicking in front of us, what can happen is that this parent is teaching the child how to fear these situations later. Of course this is never done on purpose, it’s all on a subconscious level.

Next come the media and its negative messages, which reinforce the fear that we’ve developed earlier.


We don’t even need to have a traumatic experience to learn fear. We can learn how to fear something when we see someone else afraid of it. For example, rewind back to my school days when my friend had a huge fear of cats and as I watched this uncontrollable fear in her, low and behold I then started to experience fear around cats. To this day, I still feel a bit funny around them.

So as you can see others can actually influence our fears. Others can transfer their fears and false beliefs on to us.


Mostly we learn what to fear from direct experience or from others.


I also believe we can suffer in our life when we’re afraid (again another fear) to be ourselves. We don’t trust ourselves. We’re afraid to show our true selves to others, in fear that we’ll be rejected. In fear that we might be left behind.


How can we move past all this suffering?


The spiritual journey is an unlearning of all the fears. We need to go back and unlearn our fears to accept and allow love in.


Love is why we are here. Love is our purpose while here on this physical plane.

I want to share a step-by-step process I’m currently using myself as and when these crazy fears show their face.


A Step-By-Step process

  1. When fear arises, we can start to challenge and question our fear. Is this fear mine? Or is this somebody else’s fear projected onto me?
  2. Believe that it’s your birthright to feel and experience love. Remember that you were born love.
  3. You have a choice always. You can believe in the fear or you can release it and move past it. Chose to laugh and giggle over these fears. When you can laugh and giggle at these crazy fears, you will release it. It will no longer hold power over you.
  4. Grab your journal and start writing about this fear. Write down absolutely everything you can think of about this fear. Then ask yourself “Is this real?” and start free-writing every single reason why this fear is silly. So when you can witness the silliness and the insaneness of this fear, chose to laugh and giggle about it.
  5. What’s happening now? Your energy is shifting right? Can you feel and witness the release?



We can either live in our past and be haunted by it or we can chose to rise and take the hero’s journey and create a brand new story.


I’m guessing you want to create a new story. If this is the case, your job is to reframe and reorganise that story when it arises for you.


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Love and Light,


Corona Xx


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