I haven’t felt to write much of late. I haven’t felt that I’ve had much to say.

I’ve been tucked away in my own healing cocoon for the past little while.

I wanted to pop in today and let you know what’s been happening in my world, because I’ve missed you.

The past couple of weekends have been huge on every level.


I’ve immersed myself in Family Constellations to heal my family line.

I also attended the incredible Marianne Williamson while she was here in Sydney, a full day of learning on spirituality and relationships.

Then last weekend I attended a women’s workshop on Women’s Sexuality Secrets. I’ll be sharing more on this soon.


So I’ve just been giving myself the space to allow everything to integrate.


This year for me has been very much about not pushing ahead. I’ve really given myself permission to step more and more into my feminine energy.


Has it been hard?

Yes super challenging at times!

But, this new way of being and doing feels so damn good.


For a very long time I was very much caught in my masculine energy. That’s what 12+ years working in corporate banking will do to you (well that was the case for me).


As a result, it made me strong, aggressive, active, tough-skinned, independent, logical, competitive, tough, rebellious, controlling and protective.


Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these qualities; but the problem for me was that I’d simply lost touch with my feminine nature (I actually was at a loss at what that was); graceful, accepting, sensual, vibrant, gentle, vulnerable, caring, refined, compassionate, kind, sensitive, tender, soft and patient.


The consequence being that my feminine energy had stopped flowing. That might explain my Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome.


For the first couple of years in my business I was applying my very masculine nature from my corporate days. But, you see this may have served a purpose then, but it was no longer working for me now that I was my own boss!


So there was a huge unlearning of everything I’d been thought I must and had to be, working in the bank.


Did I lose my way?

Yes, often.

Do I still lose my way?

Yes, sometimes I forget and I slip into old habits. But, I’m remembering quicker these days and I believe that’s the main thing.


This applies for anything in life! It’s not about beating yourself up when you lose your way and forget. It’s about recognising. Being awake and how quick you can remember. It’s not about perfection!


So this is the space my work will be moving more and more into and in the last couple of years I’ve been listening to the gentle nudges of my intuition as it’s guided me step by step in what I’ve needed to do.


Last year I was guided to shut the current form of my business down and to rebrand and step into my name coronabrady. Little did I know that I was also closing down the old masculine form of my business too!


For nearly 4 years I had been hiding behind a brand (NurturePod). So I listened. It’s been challenging. Starting a fresh new business from the ground up again. Oh boy, let’s just say there’s been plenty of tears and frustration and many battles with my ego!


But I understand now there’s been a bigger plan at play the whole time!


  • After spending 12+ years in Corporate Banking, I can now see and understand why I was in this environment and how it’s now going to assist in the work I offer out into the world. I know what it’s like to spend 60+ hours a week as a woman working in a very masculine corporate environment. I know what it does to us as women; I get what it’s like to be living so far from your feminine energy.


  • I was guided to complete my Kundalini Teacher Training last year and I was guided to start sharing and teaching these transformational teachings with women as soon as possible. So I did. I started before I was ready. I was so passionate; I started teaching last year while I was still in training (which is very much encouraged). The Kundalini Energy is our sacred divine feminine creative energy. This is what I do in my classes/retreats/circles; I guide women safely to awakening their kundalini energy so that they can start living the life they are here to live.


  • For the past 14 months I’ve been guiding women in circle. Coming together at each Full Moon to heal, connect and share in true sisterhood. There have been much tears, laughter and secrets shared in a safe and sacred space and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to enjoy holding space for women in this way.


  • I held my first retreat in June and took 7 beautiful souls on a journey through their soul body and the feedback I received from this weekend has literally blown me away. It was a magical weekend of sharing and healing and I enjoyed every minute being of service to these beautiful women. My next retreat is a Spring Goddess Retreat in September. More coming on this soon!


  • I’ve created two separate online programs and I’ve successfully guided over 200 women through transformation with both programs over the past 2 years.


  • I’ve coached and mentored over 100 women 1:1 through deep soul transformation. What a gift and blessing to work with women in such a way.


Working with women. Gathering women. Creating sisterhood. Guiding and realigning women to there divine feminine. This is now the CORE of my work and I feel excited and thrilled to be now owning this and stepping into it fully.


Here are the ways you can now work with me:


  • My Urban Day Retreats in Sydney Sunday 26th July and Brisbane Sunday 02nd August are a full day of sacred healing and connection to your divine feminine. This is food for the soul! We’ll also be planting the seeds for the new manifestations we wish to birth for the remainder of 2015! Just a few SPOTS left for Sydney + spaces selling for Brisbane. Book your spot HERE.


  • I’ve 7 spaces left in my next Kundalini Course in Sydney, which kicks off Monday 03rd August. My last few courses have all SOLD OUT so please don’t delay in booking if you want to join us! This will be the 2nd last course of the year imagine! YIKES where has 2015 gone! BOOK HERE.


  • I’m hosting my second retreat of 2015 in Sept ‘The Spring Goddess Retreat‘ in the Northern Beaches of Sydney from Friday 18th Sept – Sunday 20th Sept. More details being released tomorrow to my subscribers. Sign up here.


So tell me, have you experienced any huge revelations of late in your life? Or maybe you too can relate to my story? Share with me below in the comments or on Facebook.


Love and Light,

Corona Xx


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