Wondering Why You Can’t Change. Here’s A Clue!


Now you might not like what I have to say today but please hear me out, because I’m speaking from experience here (nearly a decade).

So here’s my advise, if this triggers you today in anyway rather than getting annoyed and clicking onto the next thing because that’s just avoidance (and it never get’s us anywhere). My advise is that you read this post a couple of times and check in: “Is it relevant for me and if it’s triggering me today, why do I think that might be?”

It’s always my intention through what I share that it awakens something within you.

And in the words of Yogi Bhajan it’s my job as a teacher to poke, provoke and elevate.

So here’s what I know to be true, if you’re always looking for the cheapest way, guess what you’re going to get cheap results.

When I started out on my path – I was that woman.

I was always searching for the cheapest way to do things, especially in terms of coaching and mentoring.

Which by the way at the end of the day comes down to a lack of self-worth.

But guess what I learned – it brings cheap results and it takes a heck of a longer time to get anywhere.

When you start valuing and honouring your worth and you start investing in yourself based off your new found worth. Life changes rapidly in a magical way!

That’s the god honest truth (for me anyway). It’s been the case for me as well as the hundreds of clients I’ve coached and mentored.

Just think about it, what kind of message do you give the Universe by always seeking out the cheapest way?

Do you think it’s a message of lack and scarcity OR a message of abundance?

And we wonder why our manifestations aren’t working!

Something worth a reflection today and please do yourself a favour and reflect on it.

How are you valuing your worth right now?

How come so many women can justify buying a fancy car or jeep, purchasing a home, buying fancy clothes, booking an extravagant holiday, dining in the most expensive restaurants and cocktail bars (you name it, the list goes on and on) BUT they can’t justify investing in themselves?

When this is the ONE thing that WILL change their life and take them closer to their dream life.

It honestly makes me sleepless at night time.

I’m on a mission to wake women up. to their innate power and truth


Corona x

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