It’s so important to retreat from the busyness and the constant endless “doing” in your life.

It’s crucial that you can learn to disconnect from life, to take all your attention off your outer external world and focus on your inner world and to remove the constant stimulation from life. You see this is where you create REAL profound change. This is where clarity and creativity flow to you with ease and grace (when the mind becomes clear and empty).

When you join our Reclaim Your Radiance Detox Retreat in Spring you get to retreat from the world where you get to become who you want to be. Where you create new patterns, new conditions, and new feelings.

If you are living by the same patterns, conditions and feelings well guess what happens?

Not a whole lot. Nothing really changes in your life. You just create more of the “same”.

One of my greatest passions is creating beautiful luxury nourishing retreats because this is where the miracles and massive transformation happens. I see it every single time for every single woman who joins us!

I’m a nurturer by nature and I love pouring so much love, attention, and care in these retreats that have been carefully mapped out and planned many months in advance.

I become your mother for this long weekend and I will love you up where you’re every single need is taken care of and you leave with a full cup which ripple effects out to your family, partner/lover, community, business/work. Basically, all areas of your life are positively impacted!

We’ve seen breakthrough after breakthrough and miracle after miracle happens for our retreat participants!

We still have a few spaces remaining for our Awakened Woman Retreat in the stunning Blue Mountains this coming Spring from Friday October 30th to Sunday November 01st. This will be our very last and final retreat in this beautiful venue.

Join us for what will be a life-changing and memorable weekend of deep healing and connection as you peel back the layers to your true authentic self!

And if you’d like to book in for a chat to see if this retreat is right for you right now and to ask me any questions you can do so here (you’ll be speaking with me directly), you can do here.

We want to make this retreat available to everyone and so we are offering a very feasible payment plan if you need this.

All my love,

Corona x

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