This program is an extension to those who have completed the Energy for Life Academy.
This is a high performance ‘sistermind’ group coaching program, providing you with the energy, mindset and drive to excel in every area of your life.


Awakened Woman Life Mastery is a high-performance ‘sistermind’ group coaching program for the woman that wants it all in life – and wants to manifest these transformations quickly. The program is designed for the woman that craves a rich, real, abundant and meaningful life on every single level – from health, wealth, relationships, work/business and contribution – and she will not settle for anything less.

The experience

Through this 1-3 year journey (the length is completely chosen by you and your desires), you will progress towards your highest goals in life, surrounded by a like-minded, incredible group of women on the same journey as you – to awaken their most sovereign self.

Not only is the program filled with group coaching and 1:1 mentoring that creates monumental transformation, but more than that, the program is filled with the power brought about by being surrounded by a group of like-minded women, all with similar goals and intentions, all supporting each other every step of the way.

In this program
  • Lifelong connections are made.
  • Lifelong transformations are achieved.
  • And lifelong learnings stay with you forever.

If you are ready for dramatic acceleration and a deep dive immersion to uncover and unleash your own genius and gifts to the world, then this is for you.

Goals and dreams are manifested quickly within the program and it’s impossible to be the same woman after journeying through Awakened Woman (in the best possible way!).


You will walk away radiant, standing taller, feeling deeply connected and powerfully empowered. You will know yourself on an intimate and deep level, you will be radiant and confident – a magnet attracting all good around you from the new space you now occupy.

Your relationships will be deeply connected, authentic and intimate and you will be doing fulfilling work while living with vibrant health, energy and vitality… you will be living your best life as your highest self.

This program is a continuation of the Energy for Life Academy. Once you have taken part in the Academy, you will receive an optional invitation to join the Awakened Woman circle.


Everything has changed for me, everything and what I have realised is that it starts from the inside and when you change from the inside your outside world has to change. I am much more confident in the world. I am getting noticed at work. I am getting offered roles that previously were not really coming my way but should have been. Everything just comes together when you participate in this mentorship!
Melinda – Sydney
Awakened Woman Life Mastery Participant

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