With a very grateful heart, my Coaching Calendar is now FULLY booked.



My 1:1 Coaching Calendar is now full for the remainder of 2015 and in 2016 I’m no longer offering 1:1 coaching.


I’m on a heart and soul mission to reach and inspire as many women as possible in this lifetime. The way I’ll be working in 2016 will be changing. If you’d like to find out more, for a limited time you can watch my free 45min class on “How To Eliminate Fatigue and Gain True Life Energy, Without The Pain and In Just 5 Simple Steps“.


JoanneHamiltonI have been working one-on-one with Corona for seven months now and donʼt think I fully grasped at the time we began the immense, personal changes that would unfold. Through one-on-one mentoring, yoga, meditation and energy healing, and through her heightened, intuitive awareness, Corona guided me to opening my heart to choose love over fear, trust over anxiety, transforming me to live wholeheartedly with grace and gentleness, and connecting with my innate truth and my divine feminine. Her passion and insight paved the way for my rediscovery of self.
My journey is still unfolding. Life always is. But I have a renewed energy to live with so much more spirit, so much more love, as I know that I deserve it. I always have. One of my biggest personal lessons was that whatever change you are yearning for, it all must start from within, on a soul level, well before anything manifests in the physical, emotional, social, familial etc.
~ Joanne Hamilton, Sunshine Coast


claire-harrison-sydney-2Corona is a woman who cares deeply for people and for the well-being of women in particular. I have partnered with Corona to work on my yoga practice, my meditation practice, my habits, my deepest goals, my deepest fears and my heartfelt desires. It hasn’t been easy, in fact it has at times been very very difficult, but true growth only comes from being prepared to do the work. Corona’s support enables me to do the work, day in, day out.
Corona’s warmth, kindness and deep inner strength inspires me to take a step forward toward my desired life every day.
I cannot recommend Corona enough if you want to go soul deep and create true transformation in your life.
~ Claire Harrison, Sydneybreak


One-On-One-Mentoring2You’ll get the most out of working with me if:

You’re curious. Despite how much spiritual knowledge you may have attained, you know you are ready to go deep and open wide.

You’re devoted to doing the work. Transformation is possible only if you surrender fully to your practice.

You’ve experienced a dark night of the soul experience (think: crying in the bathroom at 2 am. This is a good sign because it means you know you are not living an authentic life, despite appearances.)

You want to align your work or business vision to your soul’s plan for you.

How to apply:

Please click on the ‘apply now’ button to schedule in a complimentary breakthrough 45 mins session. This will then take you to a short questionnaire. Please complete all questions and click ‘send responses’. I’m looking forward to supporting you!
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I am both a student and a teacher and I’m here to use my particular gifts to set you free. I stand before you in a state of soul embodiment I only wish to help others, like you, attain. If you feel called to this journey, then please apply and trust your own decision.


Love & light,

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This space has been energetically cleared as well as infused with white light. Its my intention that all that arrive here feel a healing, slow down, align to their truth, drop inwards and reconnect to the deepest part of their soul. I hope that this becomes a regular space for you to connect, heal and share.

Meet Corona

I’m a Transformative Life Coach, Mentor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I work with busy over-achieving women like you, who are feeling tired and burned out, teaching and empowering you to a new of living.

I believe that it’s every womans birthright to awaken to her truth, honour and value her worth and live a life of passion, purpose, joy and peace.

And ultimately become that magnetic, radiant woman that lives her truth.