First, I want to give you this short PBA 98.7FM radio interview to listen to, where I was asked to speak about women’s energy, self-worth and mindset…

You will gain a LOT of valuable insights from the talk and it’s also going to be a FANTASTIC primer for you before we meet on
our call together…


Just what your body and mind needs

Corona has such a beautiful calming voice that takes you to a place of peace which is so important in this world of over stimulation & stress. Just what your mind & body needs to rest, restore & recharge.

Extraordinary tools for extraordinary times Just what your body and mind needs

Corona’s podcasts provide extraordinary and little known tip and tools that are invaluable any time, but especially in the extraordinary times we are facing at the moment.

Listen in for golden nuggets of personal wisdom

Corona’s podcasts really resonate with me. I’ve had a lot of ‘ah ha!’ moments listening to her podcasts and have grown a lot. They help keep me grounded and on a positive path in life. Listen in, you won’t regret it!

By Stephanie KS

I have just discovered your podcast series on divorce. It’s so beautiful to be held by your voice and hear you share your lived experience and wisdom. I feel powerful, relieved and connected to myself. Thank you Corona.

Lisa J

This amazing genuine lady can certainly change your life! Do yourself a favour and with an open heart take time to listen to Corona’s podcasts.
I have just listened to #33- thankyou Corona- so resonated with the Eckhart Tolle quote..
“If you get the inside right the outside will fall into place..”

Marnie Wallis

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