This is my second retreat with Corona. They’ve been fabulous and I couldn’t rave about them enough. The work Corona does is really really deep. It’s quite confronting at times, it will challenge you but the end result is you feel so much lighter, more open hearted, and you can really tackle the whole world and make some really big goals happen which after the last retreat I’ve really had a lot of personal progress and some goals that seemed ridiculously hard from the get go I’m actually doing.

I had a massive change in my career and I decided to start my own business. We’re doing a sea change and all of these things would never have happened . Prior to the Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program I was stuck in my comfort zone and I never wanted to get out of it.The women you meet are amazing and Corona’s support is unbelievable. You couldn’t meet a more real person who is just genuinely wanting to help you get to a better place.