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Welcome back. Welcome to Episode 35 Dealing with Loss and Grief. I have personally been moving through a lot of loss and grief in the last couple of months I feel I could write a book about it (and maybe I will one day).


We know that change and Loss is a part of life (however we often resists this when it arrives to greet us).

The Transformation Cycle begins with a breakdown in our life – it is a period of chaos and inner turmoil – often occurring from a triggering event that happens in our life – it could be the loss of a loved one, a separation/divorce, a change in your financial situation, a loss of job or change in career, empty nest. I want to mention here that even the happy events in life such as having a baby or getting married or getting a new job or creating a business can trigger grief (as we lose our old identity and a new identity is built).

And so what follows during this time – is a period of utter grief.

And grief can be different for everyone but it usually includes some of the following emotions: sadness, anger, denial, fear, anxiety, despair, bitterness, until finally, the surrender happens and we reach a point of letting go.

From what I have personally experienced of grief over the last few months, is that I know that grief is experienced in waves just like a wave in the ocean. And what I mean by that is that one minute you can be fine and then the next minute you could be washing the dishes and the grief will take you to your knees as you fall in a ball of tears. At times you may think you are losing your mind and even going a little crazy but I know now that this is just the waves of grief and you have to allow them as they arise and be ok with them as they arise.


If you’ve been listening to my podcast show for some time, by now you probably have a strong sense if I can help you or not. If you suspect I can, this is what I recommend you do next. Let’s hop on a quick call and chat about how this program might work for you. Go ahead and book here.

As you can appreciate, these calls can get booked out fast, so please make that booking right now.

I look forward to supporting you.



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