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Welcome back, welcome to episode 45 of the Energy For Life Podcast show and I am your host Corona Brady.

“Everyone needs a coach.” These are the words Bill Gates chose to open one of his Ted Talks I recently listened to. I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

The truth is that we all need people in our lives who give us feedback. That’s how we improve and become better human beings so that we can show up as our best authentic selves.

Eric (former CEO of Google) shared how this has been one of the best pieces of advice he has received (in terms of getting a coach) and how it served Google very well. Every famous athlete, every famous performer and every successful entrepreneur has somebody who’s a coach. Someone who can watch what they’re doing and say ‘is that what you really meant’, ‘is that what you really want’, they can give them perspective.

The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.

The one thing that people are never good at is seeing their own blind spots and a coach really helps with that.

I have coached and supported and guided women from coming off medication (they had been on for 20+ years), to overcoming their worst fears, to doubling their salary, to 10X their life and business, to starting their own business, to leaving jobs, to moving interstate, to getting crazy pay-rises, to receiving their dream job, to writing their first book, to publishing their first book, to creating a baby, to getting married and I’ve coached women through a lot of endings and navigating very painful divorces and marriage breakdowns and navigating chronic illness and major transition and crisis.

I’ve seen it all but do you know what I ADORE the most?

Supporting women through the impossible. An impossible goal (one they’ve been trying to do alone for years, even decades). I love to witness the delight on their face when they tick this off only after a matter of weeks or months of our work together!

As we begin to move into the last couple of weeks of 2018, I encourage you to grab your journal and get really honest with yourself.

The life you are living right one, is one you are in LOVE with?

If it’s not, WHY NOT?

What are currently putting up with right?

Where are you choosing to settle in your life.

Don’t submit to stagnation and inaction (that’s a dangerous place to reside) —take ACTION.

This is your life. Only you can choose to create something new and different for yourself and let 2019 be the year you do that. Remember that energy flows where your attention goes.

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Corona x
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