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Welcome back. Welcome to Episode 40 of the Energy For Life Podcast show and I am your host Corona Brady.


Today I want to talk to you about loneliness and what to do with it when this feeling arises within you.


I learned a lot about loneliness while on my recent vision quest. In fact, this was the very thing I was fearing the most before I headed out for 3 days alone. And I’ll go as far as saying that I was even ‘dreading’ it on some level.


Because I won’t deny it, I have felt ‘extreme’ loneliness this year due to much change in my life.


But something quite magical and very beautiful happened while I was out alone in the wilderness. Over the 3 days, I didn’t feel alone, in fact, I didn’t feel any loneliness whatsoever. I felt so connected to Mother Nature and so connected to my soul. I realised over those 3 days that I’m never really alone. That I always have myself and Mother Nature is always around us. And that I realised that my experience of loneliness in the past was based off a misunderstanding that I am separate and that being with another person would ‘fix’ that ache and pain inside. What I realised is that what I was longing for the most at that moment is a connection to that feeling of oneness, and feeling connected to my soul.


If you’ve been listening to my podcast show for some time, by now you probably have a strong sense if I can help you or not. I specialise in showing women exactly how to reclaim their energy, innate power, and their self-worth in order to fulfill their life dreams faster than they ever thought was possible. I support women through major change and transitions in their life (divorce/separation, health crisis, career crisis etc). Please reach out if you’d like my support.

What I recommend doing is booking in for an initial complimentary chat with me here.

As you can appreciate, these calls can get booked out fast, so please make that booking right now.


I look forward to supporting you.



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Corona x
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