I stopped work because I couldn’t get through a whole day. I had been very unwell on and off for about 8 years. I was absolutely exhausted and very emotional all the time. I was just crying all the time. Partly exhaustion and partly an emotional build-up that needed to come out. So I stopped. I took leave for 7 months and I started to rest. I stopped being busy and that focus has continued going into Energy For Life Academy and now into the Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program. 

I’m learning to listen to myself and connect with myself and focus on what my body needs and what I need rather than what you were conditioned to do in your upbringing. I’ve learned to commit to a daily practice and the benefits of that, that you experience every single day change how you see the world and change how you live your life. 

It’s been really lovely to get to know the women in the group and have conversation with depth and meaning rather than superficial stuff that we often go through everyday.  

I feel like I have been cleansed of most of what I have been holding onto my whole life (the last 45 years).