I thought I had the perfect life. I was married. I had a child. I had a home, cars and business. On the outside my life looked perfect. To my friends and family I pretty much had an amazing accomplished life. 

My marriage broke then. It had gone downhill for many years and I was going through the motions of being married, being a wife, being a business owner, being a mum and being a daughter. Just filling my roles but not really knowing who I was. 

As the marriage progressed and as I grew I guess I felt quite lost and unsure of what I wanted and who I was. As I started to grow I realised that where I was in my marriage wasn’t where I wanted to be. It was no longer fulfilling me in the way that I could grow. I awakened through the Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program. Prior to this it felt like I was asleep. 

I felt like I was a walking zombie. I was just going through the motions. Like if I look at photos now I don’t have that sense of being there. I’m there in the picture but I wasn’t mindfully there. 

When the marriage broke down I didn’t know who I was. I reached a very low point and I felt very empty and the emptiness got me in searching and looking and I was more aware of what was around me and that was when I stumbled across Corona’s work. 

I feel like a different person since working with Corona. It sounds cliche but I was always very shy, I didn’t really have a voice. I was always just doing as I was told following the expectations of others, family, friends and society. I’ve learned that I don’t need to do that and that I need to pave my own way. Also my sense of self-worth has sky-rocketed. I really feel like it’s how I feel about myself that will inspire me to do what I need to do. The work has been confronting but I would never go back! 

Once you’re on this path and you move past those stages and what you do on a daily basis for yourself changes your life. It’s me first now in a non-selfish way. I have a lot more time and energy. I had hardly no energy before and I wouldn’t get through a day without a nap. Now I am more focused. I am more clear and I am more intentional about what I do.