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Welcome back and welcome to episode 25.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve hit the halfway mark of this year! Where is the time going?

I encourage you to check in today. Take some time to self-reflect in your journal.


How am I traveling so far?

What big goals and dreams did I begin 2018 with?

Where am I at with them currently?

What’s standing in my way right now?


What might I need to let go of so I can be smiling on Dec 31st looking back on the year saying ‘Wow that was one incredible year, I really showed up for myself and I have manifested some wonderful things in my life as a result.’


So, I have a very supportive guided meditation (by yours truly today) to support you in letting go of anything that might be preventing you from stepping into your greatness today. I hope you enjoy this one and please do me a favour, lets spread and share the love – perhaps you know someone in your life that’s going through a challenging time right now – how about you send this to them today.


Want to experience more bliss like this with me in person?

Then I encourage you to join me for two days in August (Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th) at the Dark and New Moon and journey with me to meet the Dark Goddess.

Journey with me to meet the Dark Goddess in a very safe, sacred environment, where each step will be fully supported, understood and integrated. We will descend into the Underworld to meet, heal and integrate our personal shadow, as well as to acknowledge and empower the long-repressed dark feminine, and learn some of the paths that lie within her realms.

We are now at 50% capacity. Book your ticket here today to avoid disappointment.



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Corona x

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