My life was quite busy working up to 80 hours a week and it was quite stressful and I became very ill in doing so. My body was retaining a lot of fluid and I thought I was very very sick. But what it was, was fluid retention and retention of negative energy. 

I’m learning self-love and taking better care of myself because as a woman you take care of your family and your children and your husband and you leave yourself until last. You really need to put yourself forward because you’re not of service to anybody unless you’re ok. 

I’ve learned gratitude. Even in the most difficult situations it’s a learning process. Morning rituals, getting up and starting my day in a positive way has been key. 

I would recommend the Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program to every single woman, whether you have problems or not it’s really important to work on yourself and reflect. Even if you have a fantastic life it’s important to always be growing and evolving and challenging yourself.