This year has seen an incredible amount of change and growth for me, like nothing I have experienced previously. It’s said “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”, and just like that – the universe allowed me to cross paths with the amazing Corona Brady, who has supported and guided me throughout this time.

I knew I felt stuck, with the same old patterns happening over and over again however, I didn’t have the tools to break the pattern and vicious cycle. Since meeting Corona, and having her as my coach and mentor, our 1:1 sessions have been a wealth of training in the tools that I have needed for so long for me to be able to finally break through these patterns, to be the person I truly am and live the life I truly desire.

It really has been a blessing to work with Corona. Life feels different and the way I approach situations that life throws at me is definitely different. I am now equipped with accessing the power that has always been inside me to get me through whatever arises. Friends have commented, noticing the changes in me too. Corona as a coach and mentor has been so incredibly inspiring and empowering. She has a true gift and intuition for knowing what I needed in each session.