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Welcome back. Welcome to Episode 39 of the Energy For Life Podcast show and I am your host Corona Brady.


I took a little break for a while as you would have noticed. I went on vision quest which was an incredibly powerful and very deep experience for 12 days (an experience I am still integrating right now and will be doing so over the next few weeks and months). I’ve been back from vision quest for 10 days now and I have to admit that life feels different. The best way I can explain this is that I feel like a baby chick that has just cracked open her shell and I am learning how to walk and move in the world again.


Back to being of service to you guys. Today on the show I am bringing a question actually that gets asked often in our energy for life academy so I know that you too perhaps have experienced these same thoughts.


And the question is:

“I feel like my family judges me and it causes me to be emotional. How do I move past this experience?”


Firstly, check in, can you relate. Have you had these same thoughts and feelings?


I just want to remind you today that your mind can be very sneaky and it’s very good at creating stories that simply aren’t true. You have to start challenging these repetitive stories and thoughts? Is this true? How do I know it to be true?


Remember that the only person that can know the absolute truth about you is you. People will have opinions (the same way you hold opinions). Have absolute faith in who you are and do not allow another person’s idea of you to become your ‘reality’.


If you’ve been listening to my podcast show for some time, by now you probably have a strong sense if I can help you or not. If you suspect I can, this is what I recommend you do next. Let’s hop on a quick call and chat about how this program might work for you. Go ahead and book here.


As you can appreciate, these calls can get booked out fast, so please make that booking right now.


I look forward to supporting you.



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Corona x
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