I was extremely exhausted and fatigued because I had just taken on a business. I was burned out. 

I’ve gained so much energy. I didn’t realise that you could get energy from how Corona is teaching us. It’s just amazing! It has changed my life completely. I don’t think I would be here. I think I would be in hospital or something because I was just about ready to collapse. 

Corona’s retreats and live events have been amazing. What we have learned you wouldn’t think it would change your life – it’s just incredible! We have learned how to live life, how to focus, how to control your mind from all those thoughts – the negative thoughts. I am very very positive now. Everything has changed for me for the better. From relationships with people, the relationship with myself, my business and my finances. It has just changed my entire life!

I would recommend the Awakened Woman Life Mastery Program and Corona’s body of work to anyone who is struggling with life and even if you’re not, I mean you will just learn so much and grow so much. You learn how to be disciplined with your life.