Corona has helped guide me to a place of true inner confidence that I never thought I would ever feel, and thanks to her amazing guidance I now know that this will continue to grow and strengthen, and I will be forever grateful to the beautiful Corona, for helping me to feel the beauty within me for the first time ever! Without a doubt I would recommend Corona as your mentor, I feel Corona has an incredibly intuitive way of supporting people. 

Corona guided the sessions in directions that I never would have anticipated before, but during the sessions and afterwards I felt like it was taking a path that felt so right and comfortable for me at the right time. Thanks to her kind and supportive approach I felt comfortable addressing very difficult things, and I believe because of this I have been able to come so far on my journey with Corona.

Working with Corona has left me feeling truly and genuinely happy with me for like the first time ever! True confidence within myself, again for like the first time ever! I am just so grateful for my life and journey now, what I used to see and perceive as negatives and things that I would allow to completely take away my personal power no longer control me. I now know that I can live the life that I was meant to and I truly am so grateful to Corona for coming into my life and being so beautifully supportive to me. I will be eternally grateful to you Corona, thank you so much.