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Welcome back, welcome to Episode 27 of the Energy For Life Podcast Show


I want to share something crucial with you today and it might give you a little clue of why you’re feeling so stuck and why it feels like you take one step forward and then two/three back. And this goes for any area of your life by the way. I want you to really get this today as it could save you years of pain!


There are basically 3 stages/levels of mastery, that applies for anything in your life you’re wanting to gain mastery on.


This is why having a guide, mentor and coach can be invaluable. They will hold you accountable and that there is priceless when you are wanting any great change in your life. Any great mentor or teacher will never tell you what to you. They’ll help you find the answers from within.


If you’d like my support please head to my private calendar here and book in for a complimentary chat



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Corona x

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