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Welcome back and welcome to episode 24.

This is a bit of a different topic from my norm that I’m going to talk about today.

I want to talk to you today about the Dark Goddesses and what they can teach us. When I say the words Dark Goddess many women feel fear, anxiety, and resistance instantly because we’re taught from such a young age to be afraid of the dark (literally) so we end up fearing our own darkness and we avoid it at all costs.

For a big portion of my life I really struggled to fully feel my emotions – instead, I pushed them away, I numbed them, ignored them and suppressed them. What happens when we ignore something, well it becomes bigger and greater and we end up having outbursts at the smallest stuff. After spending years of suppressing and betraying myself my deep wounds within turned into a breakdown in my 20’s where I literally reached rock bottom, complete and utter burn out and exhaustion. I was forced to stop!


Journey To The Dark Goddess Sydney Event:

Join me for two days in August (Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th) at the Dark Moon and journey with me to meet the Dark Goddess.

Journey with me to meet the Dark Goddess in a very safe, sacred environment, where each step will be fully supported, understood and integrated. We will descend into the Underworld to meet, heal and integrate our personal shadow, as well as to acknowledge and empower the long-repressed dark feminine, and learn some of the paths that lie within her realms.

We are now at 50% capacity. Book your ticket here today to avoid disappointment.



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Corona x

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