Before I joined the Energy For Life Academy I was feeling low in energy, vitality, will and determination. I felt very low and there seemed to be a depression of energy in my body. I felt my life was not going in the direction it should be. I was unhappy in and with my marriage and unhappy with relationships. I felt like I was resisting and separating from people and things and becoming less and less social. I was rigid and controlling and lacked the ability to have fun or enjoy life. I felt anxious and overwhelmed at times and would eat for emotional comfort. I lacked confidence in myself. My thoughts, patterns and my behaviours were limiting the way I lived my life and how I showed up for myself.

The Energy For Life Program has been an amazing journey. I saw improvements in the first week with the implementation of the morning ritual. The breath work totally took my breath away with the amount of energy and vitality I acquired through it and the kundalini yoga seemed to open up my body and mind. For years I felt like my breath was not efficient and easily fatigued. It has been a long time without feeling that stamina, vitality and energy. I am so very appreciative of all the new and varied tools I have been given and the outcomes I have experienced. My new favourite words from this program are “I wonder” and wow these are powerful words that allow for opportunity and expansion.

I really have seen my life bloom in so many subtle and profound ways. My marriage is taking a turn for the better, my vitality and stamina has increased, I am noticing in health improvements, my thoughts are more positive, proactive and creative, I feel happier, I feel that I am not separating from others or things, I am using my voice more, I am loving myself and being more gentle and kind towards myself and I am stepping into opportunities, I respect myself, I now value myself, love myself and have experienced the value of values and boundaries that I have never had before.

I would have to say some of the wisdom and big insights would be that I am totally responsible for my life. My life is the outcome of my thoughts and actions. That I have the power and ability to create my own success and my life is a bi-product of my current relationship with myself and life. And that through breakdowns big or small comes opportunities for success. Growth and expansion is the only road for me now.

I am very grateful for all the support, the extensive knowledge and wisdom that Corona provides. The weekly support group calls are great. It’s wonderful to share with and learn from other women. A great and wonderful opportunity to empower yourself and those around you. Thank you so much.