Before joining the Energy For Life Academy Program, deep down I held a steadfast believe that I’m not good enough and that I can’t do it. I was sick of being my own worst enemy and tripping myself over time after time. I thought I worked through my disappointment about my failed marriage but three years on still carried some hope and sadness. After completing the Energy For Life Academy programme I know that I can and will pass every exam I choose to.

Corona helped me heal my past so I now know that I am good enough just the way I am. I no longer carry any sadness or even regret about a marriage that didn’t last. I received a huge setback in my career by the time I got near the end of the program: the way I dealt with this (without completely ‘losing it’ so to speak) showed me just how much I’ve achieved and grown since starting the program. The tools I learnt helped me to literally breathe through the upset and disappointment and even inspire others through the way I accepted this new challenge. I was amazed that I still felt happy and grounded and positive about life and my career.