Each month during my moon cycle I offer my sacred blood back to the earth. I feed my plants with my blood and my beautiful plant is thriving because of it!

I make blood prayers letting go of all that is not serving me – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically & spiritually. I speak the words out loud as I offer my blood to my plants.

Before you start thinking this is weird or crazy or dirty and you start creating some beliefs and stories around this I encourage you to read through these words today, follow their flow and let any discomfort, shame or disgust melt away.

To bleed as a woman is the most natural thing in the world. We have been bleeding as women since forever.

But sadly today a woman’s monthly bleed creates discomfort to many, including women. It’s seen as taboo.

We have a tendency to not talk about taboos because they create fear. In fact, we go as far as excluding them from our conversation and so they become hidden. Disguised. Distorted. Mistrusted mysteries of life. The true meaning of taboo connotes sacredness. Most taboos are left untouched, a source of power, untapped.

Underneath the color of our skin, all women bleed the same, red, deep, ancient flow of life force.

There is still a lot of stigma around women’s blood, menstruation, menses, the moon. The terrible feeling that our periods are the punishment for being women. The belief that we stain the world with our blood.

Menarche, our first blood is an initiation into womanhood, a rite of passage sadly lost to modern culture. For many of us, we did not experience our first period as a celebration. Quite the opposite, it caused shame and sadness, we were no longer the little girl and what now would be expected of us?

We can reclaim and accept our power as women by experiencing the cycles. We are not machines. We are not superwomen. We are human beings with sleeping cycles, menstrual cycles, life cycles. Cycles. Rhythms. We as women are naturally more in tune with the rhythms of nature since our body’s sexual system works in cycles.

Once a month we bleed, sometimes in sync with other women when we commune together.

Please know that there is great power in your blood.

Since ancient times, women’s ability to bleed from their womb was considered sacred, powerful and even magical; that is, sadly until the wisdom and power of the body, woman, nature were desacralized.

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