Prior to joining the Energy For Life Academy I was in a constant state of overwhelm across all areas of my life – feeling like I was a failing my kids, husband, family, work, friends and myself.  I lacked the self-confidence at times to believe in myself. Also I felt like I wasn’t living up to the expectations of anyone.

Through the program content and support from Corona I have become a lot better at noticing and understanding my feelings, appreciate more what is causing these feelings and understand how I can move through these feelings with greater ease, ultimately reducing the feeling of constant overwhelm which feels amazing!

A key process that has brought greater ease, joy and less overwhelm in my life has been establishing a habitual morning ritual and practising the Kundalini kriyas and meditations that Corona shares throughout the Energy For Life Academy program.  It has truly transformed the way I show up and live each day – in my work, with my family and with myself.

I am full of so much more awareness of what my values and goals are across each area of my life, so that I can live my best life.  And I am empowered with the knowledge, tools, habits and the self-commitment to live a life aligned to these values and to prioritise the actions I need to take each day to live my best life.  I am getting better at setting boundaries and saying no, so I can ensure I am focusing on the priorities that are right for me.

The results I have seen over the last 3 months include: less overwhelm, greater patience with my children (less anger and yelling), improved communication and intimacy with my husband, more enjoyment at work, a better relationship with my boss through more open and honest communication and greater clarity in what are the priorities in my life and where there is misalignment between these and my actions. This is just the start, the list goes on!

For anyone thinking about joining the EFLA, my advice would be do it!  It has truly transformed the way I am living my life and I am continuing to see the benefits of making this investment in myself across all areas of my life. The content Corona has developed and her approach has been encouraging, inspiring and gentle  – whilst at the same time providing a framework to hold myself accountable to show up and see through on my commitment to the program and ultimately the transformation that I have experienced.