When I started with Energy for life I was in chronic fatigue. This pattern has been with me for 35 years and even though I am a health practitioner the pattern remained particularly if there was big stress in my life. The problem was how I reacted to stress in my life. I didn’t have any clear personal boundaries and had no real idea how to nurture myself properly (even though I would tell everybody else how to).  So I went from crisis to crisis…burning myself out in the process. My life is so different now, it took only 3 days when I joined Energy For Life Academy to shift the chronic fatigue…mostly it takes 3 months!

I now am aware and fully able to fill my own needs. I have very clear personal boundaries and am able to clearly see what is my stuff and what is others stuff and I don’t rescue. I can hold space for other people without feeling responsible for their pain. As a result of the program I have learned how to nurture myself and do so as a priority knowing that all else follows and flows for me when I do. I listen to and trust my heart and intuition implicitly. My energy is great.

I have grown so much! I trust myself and love who I am and I feel unstoppable!