Prior to joining Energy For Life Academy I was feeling exhausted, drained and had nothing left. I had even taken leave from work for 6 months because I was not able to get through until lunch time each day, let alone have anything in my life other than work each day. I was irritable, reactive, unmotivated, disconnected and disinterested. Everything felt too hard and too much for me.

I have noticed step after step and leap after leap significant growth and change in every aspect of my life, beginning with me. I have seen and continue to see the results of learning and commitment every day from day 1 until now and into the future.

I am 20 kilos lighter and freer than ever. I have evolved so much, from relationships to spirituality and everything in between. I am feeling more like a whole person as my natural, authentic self in all areas of my life. As I am calmer, healthier, more aware and enlightened this ripples into every part of my life, my relationships, work and future professional life, the growth and learning of the people around me.