Without Corona, I would still be in the vicious negative circle I had been in for years! In May this year, I found Corona and after years of trying to do it myself I decided I would work with Corona to achieve the life I had wanted. I was in a really bad place, trying to get a new job but all the time having constant negative thoughts which were blocking my success. Corona worked with me to clear the blocks I had had for years. I actually didn’t even realise what had caused these blocks, and when they were clear it was amazing how good I felt.

The Energy For Life Academy allowed me to be on a weekly call with other women, who shared their stories and it made me realise that my struggles were so similar to that of so many other women out there. Each week, working on different areas of my life helped to clear the fog and bring me to the happy place I am at now. I can now successfully deal with negative thoughts and stop them before they take hold. I started a new job this week and I know my life is on the path it is meant to be on and I am excited about the future.

I would encourage any women who are struggling to reach out to Corona. Women often put themselves last and can justify spending money and time on everything else but themselves. Working with Corona is an investment in yourself and if you really what the life you have always dreamed of, she will help you achieve this.