Classic narcissist behavior to be aware of is when a person uses power via criticizing.

These kind of people are utterly charming in the beginning until the mask and facade drops and you see the real person behind the facade.

They will try to hold the power by putting you down, criticizing you and making nasty comments about you. When you challenge this kind of person (because they are a bully and they don’t like to be challenged) they will become extremely angry and aggressive and even abusive. They hook you back in by saying things that are so outrageous. It doesn’t even make sense. You may even start to question yourself thinking “Am I going crazy?”.

Narcissistic people are often attracted to the openness in another person and they are very good at reading people because it serves them. They will then use it against you (your vulnerability). This is just an incredibly sad reality of the world we live in today.

Never ever question what this person is accusing you of.

A great question to begin to ask yourself if you’re seeing this as a pattern/theme in your life where you seem to attract narcissistic people into your life is; “What is it that I’m being drawn to here in this person and what is it that attracts them to me?”.

And never ever ignore your gut feelings about someone and their behavior “That’s a little weird”. There is wisdom in this and this is your early warning sign that something is off and is not right.

All my love,

Corona x