Prior to Energy For Life Academy I was feeling overwhelmed and really stuck in my head. I was feeling exhausted to even exercise to socialise. I was wearing a mask afraid to show my true self. 

Since completing Energy For Life Academy I have gone to a social event despite feeling a sense of being just as happy staying at home and projecting that I would be/feel awkward. 

Options have come forth for future work opportunities that I am considering. I put in a submission of what I would like to do knowing that it isn’t how two of the managers saw the proposal but if you don’t ask/discuss you don’t get it! In the past I would have waited for them to sort it out and I would have just accepted their decisions. It feels empowering to say what I’d like even if it doesn’t come to fruition, I have opened up the discussion and I have a number of options. I feel I am far less reactive these days and give considered responses to people and situations.